26 Oct 2021

The Transformation Of The Food & Restaurant Industry With Smarter Tech Solutions!


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The advent of technology and simultaneous tech advancements have changed things for the better – from education to the restaurant industry. These innovations are empowering businesses and enabling them to achieve success in an unprecedented way.

From placing orders online to hassle-free home deliveries, the newer tech tools are leaving an indelible mark. As a result, restaurants can easily connect with customers, fulfill their demands, and save on extra costs.

The advancements have provided an impetus to the food and restaurant domain but have also increased the competition. The highly competitive times necessitate every entrepreneur to invest in creative ways to put their best foot forward. Mobile phone apps and websites find use here!

Because of such platforms, users find it easier to connect with their favourite food joints and restaurant owners can increase their engagement immensely. Modifications in traditional business models with the help of tech, of course, have proved to be of immense help!

How is tech revolutionising the food industry?

Since the pandemic hit, people have become more hygiene and health-conscious. They wish to maintain social distance and want to make sure that their meals are clean, healthy, and delivered on time.

tech in food industry

Thanks to mobility, restaurants didn’t run out of business even during one of the most challenging times in human history.

We at Techugo felt great as we could provide a number of similar solutions to several eateries and cafes across the world! 

With the finest and most innovative apps and websites, we ensured that users and businesses didn’t suffer. After all, almost every stakeholder in the restaurant and food industry prefers to go digital. As a result, the choices to order online are increasing with every passing day.

This obviously establishes that restaurant owners are hungry for tech solutions – we are fully aware of that and cater to the same need! 

The marvellous example of Techugo’s skills – Milkbun App!

To say the least in the beginning – we collaborated with Gastronomica – one of the biggest food journals in the world! 

What we promised was a great food delivery application – we presented Milkbun! And we didn’t take years. Instead, we completed one of our proudest productions in two months and two weeks, right after we collaborated with Gastronomica.


The aim was to develop a relatable application with a fresh element! And if you are wondering whether we stood our ground and proved our mettle, read the following!

  • The app crossed over 10K users in just a month. It wasn’t surprising for us, as this is the kind of app-brood we nurture at Techugo!
  • Gastronomica witnessed a whopping 67% boost in customer experience with the Milkbun app.
  • This application is the reason behind a flourishing online restaurant business in the Middle East!
  • It has delivered a seamless customer experience and smooth management of operations – that’s precisely why Milkbun is amongst the favourite apps in this region.

All this doesn’t end here! From funding, recognition to impressive downloads – we ensure everything. Rather, our creations make all this more inevitable! 

How can newer tech solutions complement food ordering apps?

There are a number of ways in which technology and corresponding solutions can help food ordering apps become better! Are you intrigued already and wish to know more? Keep reading, then!

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality find use in this domain as well! For example, AR and VR can be used by consumers to take a sneak peek into the kitchens and how chefs prepare their meals. Along with that, users can also view how their ordered food would look like!
  • Robots are being used in the United Kingdom to deliver meals. This is technologically advanced as it results from the amalgam of Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cars. Though these are complex systems to build, they prove to be highly efficient!
  • The float-down eateries are a trend these days! Users receive their food packages at predetermined pick-up locations with the help of parachutes! It doesn’t happen only in movies, right!
  • The famous Dominos delivery with a drone in just 5 minutes is an inspiring example for all!
  • Food wastage can be prevented all across the globe with corresponding apps. In fact, all the pointers mentioned above can be monitored with the help of smartphone apps!

Bringing the discussion to a conclusion

Creative and news ways always receive a warm welcome. They are accepted with open arms – be it users or business owners. Apps and online platforms are such innovative ways! They bind users, increase engagement and consequently lead to higher revenues.

Therefore, they must be given due attention. After all, applications and websites are the ones in vogue! Businesses use them to represent themselves and their enterprises’ intent in the best way possible. That is one of the major reasons why business persons are always on the lookout for app developers.

restaurant future

Well, if you are one of the app seekers – your answer is Techugo! We are an app development and web solutions company catering to several enterprises across the globe. The examples discussed above are just a few among the hundreds of enterprising solutions we have produced.

So, without any further delay, reach out to us. Transform your business idea into an awe-inspiring reality and create your own restaurant app today!

Make sure you don’t lag behind and yes, keep innovating!!

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